Movie-like speed race between a Veyron Grand Sport and the German police

What do a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a BMW 7 Series Li and a Ferrari 599 GTB have in common? Well, these three cars were stolen this week from the garage of a Swiss businessman. Two of the three thieves were arrested Monday morning by the police in Germany after a heat like in the movies.

The two thieves who were at the wheel of a Veyron Grand Sport and of a Series 7 Li were seen on the A9 motorway heading for Berlin, and police began pursuing. Near the town of Wolfsbach, the driver in the 1001 horsepower supercar stopped the car on the highway, crossed the other way and continued to flee from police officers. Shortly, the 27-year-old Polish man was arrested.

Meanwhile, the officers managed to find the thief who had fled at the wheel of the Series7. The man, aged 24, quickly realized he couldn’t escape the police who surrounded him and he surrendered. The third car that was stolen from the garage was found the next day, abandoned near the station in Furth, but the thief hasn’t been caught yet.