Kate Middleton vs. Pippa Middleton

Michael and Carole Middleton were married on 21 June 1980 at Dorney, Buckinghamshire.

Kate was born at Royal Berkshire Hospital, the first of three children of Michael Francis Middleton, a former dispatcher at the British Airways, and Carole Elizabeth Middleton, a former stewardess. Pippa Middleton was born in 1983, the second of the three children of Michael and Carole Middleton.

Kate Middleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth Middleton) was born January 9, 1982 in Reading, and became a member of the British royal family by marriage to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.


Photos of Kate Middleton, taken from the family album showing the various stages of life of the Duchess of Cambridge, were on the official site of the royal wedding before the joyous event.

Kate Middleton received her degree in art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met prince William. The two lovebirds could be seen hugging and smiling on the day they got those diplomas in June 2005.

Their relationship, which began in 2003, was interrupted by a brief separation in 2007. At that time, both William and Kate were studying art history, but the British prince later chose to study geography.

William, Princess Diana’s eldest son, and Kate Middleton got engaged in October 2010, on a private holiday that they spent in Kenya.

The marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William – on 29th April 2011, at Westminster in London – took place 30 years after the sumptuous wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, celebrated in 1981, at Saint-Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The couple divorced in 1996, and Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Later, Charles married Camilla, a longtime friend of his.

The event that took place on April 29 was watched live by millions of viewers from around the world on TV or on the internet, and many others gathered to see the happy couple on the streets of London.

At the reception that followed the ceremony, Prince Charles gave a moving speech in which he called Kate the daughter he never had and welcomed her into the royal family.

The newlyweds are currently enjoying their honeymoon in the Seychelles islands in a luxury residence that can be rented for around 4,500 euros per night.

Press Association

Now that the fuss of the royal wedding is over with, fans of the royal couple want to see a royal baby too. Even though it’s been barely a month since the ceremony, many are anxiously expecting a William Junior.

Pippa Middleton

Charlotte Philippa “Pippa” Middleton
(born September 6, 1983) is the only sister of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Considered by some as more “sparkling” than her sister, she is very active in social life, due to her profession, but also due to her personality and echo in the British media.


Pippa was a bridesmaid at Kate and William’s wedding which took place on April 29 in London.

The young 27-year-old caused a sensation during the wedding and she became the most wanted girl in the UK.

Philippa Middleton, the royal couple’s main bridesmaid, had an enormous success in the short time that she carried the bride’s trail.

Pippa, Kate’s sister, is in the attention of the media after the royal wedding as she attracted all eyes because of her beauty. But recently a photo showing Pippa wearing an unusual bridal gown, made of toilet paper, was published.

Pippa also received a $ 5 million offer from an American p#!nographic film producer for a single scene in a film for adults.

Vivid Entertainment head Steven Hirsch sent Pippa a letter saying that he believes that she was the star of the royal wedding in London and that her “beauty and attitude” could help her start a big career in the p#!n industry.

The scandal didn’t end here. Some topless photos were published and sparked waves of discontent from the Middleton family, who took action against those who published them.

Apparently, the photographs were sold by a family friend to several agencies for large sums of money. The Middleton family put pressure on those who published the pictures and managed to withdraw them from the market.

Pippa Middleton, who was recently rumored that she would marry boyfriend Alex Loudon, was spotted in Madrid with her former boyfriend.

Kate Middleton’s sister went to the capital of Spain with a few friends and her former boyfriend, George Percy, 26, son of the Duke of Northumberland, one of the richest people in the UK.


Some time ago, the UK press wrote that Pippa will marry her current boyfriend, Alex Loudon.

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