Botox mom reporter claims Kerry Campbell framed her


In a sworn declaration obtained by TMZ, reporter Alley Einstein accused the Botox mom, whose real name is Sheena Upton, of lying.

Upton sent several email to TMZ in which she claimed that the British tabloid The Sun, for which Einstein works, instructed her to lie about giving Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter in exchange for money.

The reporter says that through these emails, Upton made her appear as if she was the one who told the mother to lie.

Einstein claims the emails were meant to be used as a “media briefing sheet” in order to help Upton remember the key points, it wasn’t a script as the mother said.

The reporter now says her reputation is ruined as she has been “emotionally and professionally scarred” by the situation and even needed medical attention.

Regarding the $1,000 Upton claims she received in exchange for her lies, Einstein says Upton asked for the money for “vital bills”.

In an interview with TMZ Live, Einstein announced she has pictures to prove Upton injected her daughter.