Jeff Conaway slips into a coma after possible overdose

The news was announced by his manager, Phil Brock, who said that the 60-year-old artist was found after lying unconscious for approximately 10 hours.

“He seemed fine early last week,” his manager, Phil Brock, said on Thursday. “He had spoken with his agent and his management team and even attended an autograph signing. He really seemed in fine spirits.”

Conaway has been hospitalized in an unidentified facility in Encino, California, and he is in a critical condition.

“Over the weekend, there was head movement, but there have not been any changes in his movement or condition since then,” Brock says. “We are concerned it may have been an overdose but we have no way of knowing for sure.”

As part of the reality TV series “Celebrity Rehab” in 2008, Conaway had reported his problems of drug and alcohol use. When he participated in the reality show, he wanted to cure his addiction to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol, but has been a very difficult patient. He constantly threatened to withdraw from the venture.

According to his manager, Conaway is a man with an “amazingly kind soul”, who has been struggling to “exorcise his demons.”