Maria Shriver’s reaction to news about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child

On Monday night, Maria was dining with her two pals at Chicago’s RL restaurant.

“She knew that it was coming out the day before,” King, 54, Bravo Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. “She had gotten a call about it but she knew before she came to dinner.”

But Maria faced the situation with bravery. On Tuesday night she attended Oprah’s star-studded talk show send-off where she credited Winfrey for supporting her.

“Not only did she come, she came, she showed up, she did the part,” Gayle said. “At one point in the script, she’s thanking Oprah for wisdom and truth, and she paused a little bit. What was so great is the whole audience — 13,000 people — applauded. It was sort of like a lifting of Maria. It was an electrifying moment.”

King says Maria has the strength to overcome all hardships and help her children go through these difficult times.

“[Maria’s] a class act and she’s handling it with such grace, trying to figure out what to do…how to help the children through. It’s just a very difficult time and heartbreaking to see. The more [I] hear about the story, the sicker I get.”