Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are over…professionally speaking

Jason Trawick has decided to break his contract with the American pop star.

Since 2009, Jason Trawick has been representing Britney Spears as a manager. But it seems that he wants to change his job, not because of a disagreement between him and the singer, but for the good of their relationship.

“Since meeting Britney, his priorities have shifted and he would much rather be home at night with her and her boys,” a source close to Trawick says.

According to the insider, this is not the first time he had the opportunity to leave his post.

“It was the only company he worked for since arriving in L.A.” says the source. “He has been approached by different firms over the years, but nothing ever made him make the leap until now,” reports People.

Now working for the company Famos, Jason Trawick has the advantage of being able to manage his business remotely, which will allow him to follow Britney when she goes on tour.