Ashton Kutcher vs. Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher joined the cast for the ninth season of the hugely popular television series, which will be broadcast in autumn 2011.

Kutcher’s role in the series hasn’t been defined yet, but according to sources, the former Punk’d presenter won’t be a substitute for the womanizing bachelor character played by Charlie Sheen in the past seasons.

While some argue that no one can replace Charlie Sheen, the same as Seinfeld couldn’t have done it without Jerry, others are eager to see Ashton’s comedic talents in the new season.

InRumor asks you:

Do you think Ashton Kutcher will do a good job in his new role? Will he live up to the expectations and win the public’s hearts or will he prove to be a bad choice for the show? Can Ashton replace Charlie and leave his mark on the sitcom? Or will he simply be Charlie’s replacement?

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