Is Carla Bruni pregnant with a baby boy?


After so many rumors, failed attempts to find out if Carla Bruni Sarkozy is indeed pregnant, French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s father Pal Sarkozy confirmed to the German newspaper Bild that his daughter-in-law is actually expecting.

“I enjoy following the birth of my grandchild,” Pal Sarkozy told German newspaper Bild.

Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife “do not want to know the gender in advance, but I’m sure it will be a girl, as beautiful as Carla,” Pal Sarkozy added.

In late April, gossip magazine Closer sparked the pregnancy rumors by claiming that the 43-year-old First Lady was three months along. The magazine added that the secrecy was explained by the fact that Bruni’s age could have posed a threat to the evolution of the pregnancy.

Also, French magazine Voici claims that the French First Lady is pregnant with twins and that she is due in October. In addition, according to publisher Jacques Séguéla, who is cited by Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Carla Bruni is expecting a baby boy.

Despite the presidential couple’s desire not to find out if they will have a boy or a girl, speculation is rife about the baby’s gender. Given the media’s eagerness to know if it’s blue or pink, journalists might get to know that even before the parents themselves.