Katy Perry’s hubby Russell Brand deported from Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo to see his wife Katy Perry perform, Russell Brand couldn’t enter the country following convictions dating from the late 90’s.

As he came to see his wife for a concert in the land of the Rising Sun, Russell Brand was denied access into the territory at the airport. All the trouble was due to old problems dating back in the 90s that earned him convictions for public disorder.

Perry expressed her disappointment via Twitter.

“So … my husband just got deported from Japan. I am so. sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place #tokyodreamscrushed,” she wrote.

The singer explained that it was all because of “priors from over 10 years ago.”

Brand has posted photos of his mug on Twitter, as he hopes to rejoin his Katy, writing, “Planning escape from Japanese custody. It’s bloody hard to dig a tunnel with a chopstick.”