Prince William and Kate receive rare giant aphrodisiac fruit during honeymoon

Press Association

William and Kate received a coconut which is said to be “the most erotic fruit in the world,” called Coco de Mer, reports Daily Mail.

Coco de Mer can weigh up to 30 pounds, can measure up to 50 inches and resembles a woman’s buttocks.

The fruit wasoffered to the newlyweds at a special ceremony by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Seychelles, Jean-Paul Adam, and the prince and his wife needed a special permit in order to carry the coconut to the UK.

In Seychelles, Coco de Mer is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and is seen as a symbol of fertility.

Prince William and Kate ended their “memorable” honeymoon in the Seychelles after 10 days, leaving the Indian Ocean archipelago on Friday, according to a press release from the British Royal Family.