Maria Shriver detective delves into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past

Shriver suspects that Schwarzenegger may have fathered more than one love child, as some, including actress Jane Seymour, believe.

“The investigator will likely look into the claims that he fathered multiple children, outside their marriage,” a source revealed. “Maria has heard the rumors and she wants to find out one way or another, if those claims are true.”

The divorce promises to be complicated, especially since Maria Shriver hired tough lawyer Laura Wasser to defend her.

“Maria is leaving no stone unturned and she has authorized a private detective to gather personal and business information about Arnold,” the source continued. “Maria needs and wants to know exactly what she is dealing with.”

Shriver also wants the detective to shed life on how Arnold was able to financially support Mildred Patricia Baena and her 13-year-old son.

“Maria wants to know exactly how much money Patty received from Arnold … She wants to know everything, period,” the insider added.

It looks like Arnold will be terminated soon.