Ford prepares a heart-rate monitor for the driver’s seat

Ford is working on a chair that will incorporate a heart monitor without disturbing the driver. That chair is designed to detect the driver’s state and his alert level. For example, if the driver has heart problems or suffers a heart attack, that seat will detect this and may contact the medical services.

“As always in medicine, the earlier a condition is detected the easier it is to treat and this technology even has the potential to be instrumental in diagnosing conditions,” said Dr. Achim Lindner.

The system uses six sensors to detect electrical impulses caused by the beating of the heart. The pulses are stored and interpreted by a computer, and changes can also be recorded in the memory of the device.

Ford believes that the widespread implementation of this system will be extremely useful in the future because the average age of drivers is increasing. In addition, the stress will increase the risk of heart disease and life expectancy, which means that people are likely to drive at older ages than at present.