Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux spend weekend together

Recently, the former Friends star was rumored to be in a relationship with the actor, especially since they were spotted dining at the Sunset Towers Tower Bar in West Hollywood earlier this month.

The two actors, who met on the set of the movie Wanderlust, have once again been spotted together at Jen’s residence in California.

“Jen is totally into him,” a source says. “They have been hanging out for months.”

The actress and actor spent the last weekend together, although they have previously denied any romantic relationship. After a visit to Universal Studios on Friday, Justin joined Aniston in the spa during Saturday. The couple then met in a romantic restaurant in Beverly Hills.

“She wants to be with him all the time,” the source adds. “She’s diving in headfirst.”

Jennifer’s latest conquest, including Gerard Butler, John Mayer, Jim Carrey or Vince Vaughn, have all been unsuccessful, prompting some to ask whether Theroux might be the lucky one.