Marriage proposal on the big screen: more real than a Hollywood script

As she went to see the latest Fast and Furious movie, Ginny became the heroine of a short film presenting a marriage proposal. Her boyfriend Matt struggled to make the short film a great moment. With a camera placed in front of the girl, he could film her reaction to put it on YouTube.

With the help of his family, a wedding photographer/videographer and 100 extras, he organized a true staging of a movie trailer.

In the beginning, we see Matt asking Ginny’s hand to her father. As soon as he received his blessing, the pace picks up as he runs to join her at the cinema and make his request directly.

The girl was moved to tears, recognizing the efforts of her boyfriend in asking her to marry him.

A great testimony of love and courage for this young man who called his short film “Making The Movies Jealous.”