Patty Baena’s ex-husband felt betrayed by her and Arnold Schwarzenegger

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rogelio Baena said he learned that he was not the biological father of the boy last week.

“No believe” and “very, very angry” where his answers when asked how he felt when he discovered he wasn’t the child’s father, even though he did appear as such on the boy’s birth certificate.

Rogelio also said he felt betrayed by Patty and Arnold, who tricked him into believing their illegitimate child was his.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for me… was my hero,” Rogelia said. “I feel betrayed. But that is my son,” he insisted.

The couple Rogelio and Mildred Baena had separated in 1997, shortly after the birth of the child and the divorce was finalized in 2008.