Schwarzenegger paternity’s proved by DNA test taken years ago

According to media reports, Arnold knew from the beginning that the child was his but Baena had him take a test to prove he was indeed the father.

“Arnold knew all along that [the boy] was his child. But Mildred insisted on a DNA test – and it proved that Arnold was the father,” a source said.

The former Governor took good care of the boy throughout the years. He reportedly put down a $65,000 down payment on her family home less than a year ago.

Maria Shriver has now hired lawyer Laura Wasser, making many believe that she is thinking of divorcing.

She has also hired a private investigator to check her estranged husband’s past.

Despite the fact that she was the one who decided to go public with the whole story, Maria doesn’t want their four kids to hold a grudge against their father.

“As hurt as she may be, she will encourage them to forgive their father,” a family source says.