The future of the TV might look like this

GOAB aims to introduce interactivity between the user and TV programs, but also the independence of a device for changing TV channels.

Thus, GOAB can be accessed from a laptop, smartphone, or an electronic tablet. Also, all personal data will be accessible from anywhere the connection is made.

GOAB integrates social networks that will help users share their favorite programs with friends and will turn viewing TV programs into an interactive experience. However, the application is used both as a remote for the TV, but also as a TV guide.

This “remote control” of the future will know everything about user’s preferences and will help in selecting and sharing the information.

With the help of devices that will have this application installed, teleshopping and advertising programs will be accessed directly and thus we will be able to shop with a remote control.

GOAB will enable active participation in televised games, as users will be able to connect on the network with friends and play while watching TV.