Coffee-style machine launched by Nestlé to prepare milk for babies

This new product has sparked anger among the companies that claim that Nestlé violates he advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) according to which children under six months should be exclusively breastfed.

The company hopes that BabyNes system, which currently is sold only in Switzerland, is a replica of Nespresso and that it will help parents as it has helped coffee drinkers. The coffee machine prepares milk for babies at the dosage and temperature desired, within a minute after pressing the power button.

Nestlé claims that it takes into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization and recommends breast-feeding for children under six months. They also argue that they produce high-quality alternatives in terms of infant food. The milk formula for babies “meets the evolving nutritional needs in the first three years of life”.

The service will be available for customers 24 hours a day and it will be both on the web and on a hotline.

Baby Milk Action, an organization fighting for years against Nestlé and other manufacturers of breast milk substitutes, challenged the company to stop making promotional claims and start providing more details on its labels.

Patti Rundall, its policy director, said: “If there is powder in the capsule then it must be added to water at 70 degrees so how can this be done and cooled in one minute?”

The company says it will evaluate new markets for this product.