Two Englishmen traveled 1367 kilometers in a Tesla Roadster with only 10 hours of charging

Two Englishmen have tested the Tesla Roadster in a unique way – a journey from northern to southern United Kingdom. Their goal was to verify the loading point network that they carried out together with Tesla Motors. The 1367 km trip took 24 hours, including six stops for battery charging. The six stops totaled only 10 hours of charging, which means that the electric model needed only an hour for 130 kilometers, in addition to the initial charge from when they started the journey.

The team considered that breaks they took to charge the electric vehicle would have occurred anyway because they needed to eat and rest. The two have had unfriendly weather that included heavy rain and high wind speeds, and the trunk was fully charged.

However, the team hasn’t complained of problems of autonomy. With regard to the time difference between an electric vehicle and a car with an internal combustion engine with similar specifications, David Peilow and Kevin Sharpe said it took only two extra hours, unlike a conventional car, all without consuming a drop of gasoline.

The same trip would have cost the couple about $ 300 if it would have been done aboard a Porsche 911 Turbo. Instead, for the Tesla Roadster, the electricity costed only $ 30. In addition, the electricity was offered free of charge as many points are free for customers of establishments – such as pubs, restaurants and hotels.

The trip proved that the electric vehicles with high autonomy may be used without major problems for the United Kingdom, and Nissan dealers are already preparing their own free network of charging points, in order to facilitate such journeys aboard a Leaf, for every customer in the UK.