Amy Winehouse takes a shot of vodka on the way to rehab

The singer was recently seen buying a mini-bar sized bottle of vodka in a grocery store near her home and drinking from the bottle.

“She seemed out of it,” an onlooker said.

“She was stumbling about, slurring words. I was shocked to see her buy vodka so early in the day, and even more shocked to see her knock it straight back.”

She then reportedly visited a hair salon and went to the toilet to vomit.

However, in recent months, she showed signs that she had exorcised her demons. Amy even announced her desire to have a baby with her partner Reg Traviss. Everyone thought that motherhood would destroy the singer’s struggles with alcohol and drugs.

But now it seems Amy resumed the path to rehab, this time at the Priory clinic, with the desire to get rid of her addiction to illegal substances which are visibly deteriorating her.

Fortunately, she willingly checked herself into rehab and is determined to emerge victorious and sober.

The singer’s rep didn’t comment on the vodka incident but confirmed that Amy is entering rehab again: “Amy Winehouse has embarked on a treatment programme at the Priory Clinic. She wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment. She will remain at the Priory on doctors’ advice.”