Jane Seymour apologizes to Maria Shriver for comments about Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal

Jane Seymour is taking back what she said about Arnold Schwarzenegger having more than one illegitimate child.

While at the premiere of her latest film Love, Wedding, Marriage, Seymour told CNN that she was “not surprised” at Schwarzenegger’s scandal, adding: “I heard about two more children.”

Now, the actress is backtracking off her recent comments to CNN. “I am so beyond sorry and appalled that I found myself even talking on the subject at all. I just feel so badly for Maria and the children because I’ve been through similar kinds of stuff,” Seymour said Friday on The View.

“You have to understand it was at the premiere of my movie, which has a very similar theme, which is why they asked me.”

She continued: “I do not know anything about any love children, anything that I said was stupidly listening to some stuff in the media that day, everyone was talking, I didn’t even know where I heard it, and I don’t know anything about anything.”

Of Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver and their children, the 60-year-old actress said: “I just hope they accept my apology and realize that I do not want to in any way exacerbate the pain that that family is going through.”