Arnold Schwarzenegger defended by former nanny

The former California governor is accused of having cheated on his wife, Maria Schriver, and of having a 13-year-old love child with one of his staffers, Mildred Patty Baena.

In the midst of all this, an ex-nanny claims that Arnold was “respectful” of his staffers.

He “was a flirt, but he never touched me inappropriately, or anyone else that I could tell,” the woman said.

She added that the other women working for the Schwarzenegger family saw a resemblance between Baena’s son and Arnold, but Patty insisted that her husband wasn’t the father.

The nanny also hinted that Baena might have been the one who started the affair.

Previous reports say Maria Shriver is planning to file for divorce. Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen is currently on hold due to the scandal.