iPhone 4 S coming before iPhone 5 scheduled for 2012?

This is probably the most interesting information revealed by the Japanese website Macotakara: iPhone 4 S could emerge in the weeks (or months) to come but is merely a timid evolution of the iPhone 4.

We should therefore wait until spring or summer 2012 to see a really innovative iPhone 5, with a new design and new advanced features. The site most likely obtained the confidential info from companies working with Apple.

Also, Macotakara claims that the iPhone 4 S that will be released in the meantime will be well equipped with the Apple A5 chip, which also equips the iPad 2. That means it could be it a mono-core version of the ARM chip, not the dual-core model found in the second generation tablet.

There will also be a photo sensor, which would rise to 8 megapixels without knowing whether the perspective of the iPhone 4 will be extended. Finally, Macotakara says that this iPhone 4 S will be compatible with GSM and CDMA, and will have an integrated SIM card.