Remote vehicle diagnosis – the most desired future technology

A study by JD Power and Associates revealed that the technology consumers want is remote vehicle diagnosis. In second place come quality sound systems and wireless connectivity.

The JD Power study found that 86% of the respondents used a smart phone on board and that common activities are getting phone calls and directions. Many drivers are interested in solutions to safely using those technologies while driving in order to avoid an accident and other such problems.

Security technologies are also popular among consumers, the diagnosis being the most desirable item among the 18,000 interviewed people. Customers are also interested in rear-vision camera system, the blind spot detection system and other elements of this kind.

Certainly, these technologies are interesting for the clients only after looking at the price of a new car, a sign that manufacturers will have to find a solution to make these technologies accessible.

According to JD Power, 57% of car owners aged between 18 and 25 are interested in a wireless system in the car, while 43% of the respondents aged between 57 and 65 years are interested in a system of this kind. The respondents were interested in a premium audio system, but not in the brand, a sign that they prefer to listen to good quality music, regardless of the manufacturer.