Princess Diana and Kate Middleton together on the cover of Newsweek

According to the publication, Diana would have had her own Facebook account and her list of 107,623 friends would include Camilla Parker-Bowles, Price Charles’ wife today, Bono, Chelsea Clinton, David Beckham, Rowling and tennis player Rafael Nadal. That and another 10 million followers on Twitter.

Her relationship status? The journalists at Newsweek believe she would have chosen to say “it’s complicated.”

These facts were imagined by British journalist Tina Brown, editor of the magazine and will appear in the edition before 1 July, which would have been Diana’s 50th birthday. The article is titled “Diana at 50” and it will be published on the cover of the magazine.

Newsweek used a fake photo showing Princess Diana and Kate Middleton looking like they’re enjoying a nice stroll together.

Brown imagined that Diana would live in New York and would have married twice, after breaking up with Dodi Fayed, her lover who was with her when they died in car accident in August 2007.

The articles also speculates that the princess would maintain good relations with her former husband, Prince Charles, and that she would have been friends with Carole Middleton, Prince William’s mother-in-law.

Brown also says that Diana would have loved Kate Middleton, but would have felt threatened by her.

[Photo: Newsweek]

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon arrive together at Wimbledon

Pippa Middleton AP

While British tabloids were betting on a breakup between Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon, it looks like they’ve changed their minds abruptly. The reason? Pippa and Alex showed up together at Wimbledon further creating confusion.

The British press has already made its findings. The Daily Mail quoted a source close to the couple who claimed that the rumors of a separation were “completely untrue “.

What do you think? Did Pippa and Alex split? Are they a couple?

Find out what happens to Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men” as the show resumes


According to TMZ, Charlie Harper’s brother Alan and his son Jake will find that Harper died. TV screens will turn dark for a minute or two.

Ashton Kutcher will replace Sheen in the series, but he will play another character. Kutcher said he feels as if they have “won the lottery” after finding out he will be a part of the cast.

“I’ve never probably in my 13 years in show business received more phone calls and emails from people congratulating me on this job. You’d almost think I won the lottery or something, which I kind of did,” he said.

Charlene Wittstock rumored to cancel the wedding, the Palace denies allegations


“A few days before the marriage of HRH Prince Albert to Miss Charlene Wittstock, the palace officially denies the false allegations that have emerged this morning (Tuesday) on the site,” the palace indicates in a statement.

The site of the respective publication writes that Prince Albert’s fiancée, who is of South African origin, “wanted to cancel the wedding preparations and leave” the country for reasons related to the prince, but without explaining them.

“These rumors are only intended to seriously affect the image of the Sovereign and that of Miss Wittstock, and to gravely harm this happy event,” the palace adds in the statement.

The principality of Monaco, decorated in local and South African colors promises its citizens a great popular festival in early July, at the wedding of Prince Albert II and his fiancée Charlene. VIPs and royalty are expected at the ceremonies that will be last for over two days (1 and 2 July).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will also be present, according to sources, but so far no decision has been taken regarding the presence of his pregnant wife Carla Bruni. Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine won’t attend the event because at that time they will be on an official visit to Canada.

Prince Harry denies romance with Pippa, admits he is single


It’s official, Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are over. However, you might be disappointed to find out he’s not dating Pippa either.

Asked by the Daily Mail, the young Prince immediately denied the rumors of possible romance between them.

“Pippa? Ha! No, I am not seeing anyone at the moment,” he told the mag. “I’m working a lot at the moment, so dating and watching TV are the last things I have time for.”

These are statements that could well depress his fervent admirers, or rather give them hope of winning his heart. It looks like Chelsy Davy has not yet been replaced in the heart of the young man.

Harry seems determined to enjoy the single life and wants to afford a little vacation in South Africa this summer.

Find out how Kate Middleton chooses her outfits

Press Association

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t have a personal stylist and hasn’t asked for one for her and Prince William’s trip in the U.S. and Canada, reports Daily Mail.

Kate turned to using a personal buyer at her favorite stores in London to complete her outfits. It seems that the Duchess was helped by the same expert who helped her husband William and Prince Harry to do Christmas shopping.

The site Grazia Daily says that although a personal buyer will help you choose the right outfit to an event, a stylist is one who can help you define your style.

Personal buyers services that shops offer are free, but reservations must be made weeks ahead.

Driverless cars are a reality in Nevada

Ryan Calo, Professor at Stanford University, believes that this can be seen an important breakthrough. This law could be a step forward in improving the safety of cars without drivers.

According to law, the Nevada Department of Transportation “shall adopt regulations authorizing the operation of autonomous vehicles on highways within the State of Nevada.”

Standards of safety and performance will have to be implemented by the Nevada Department of Transportation, as well as special areas where such cars can be tested.

Google has taken steps recently so that this law would be adopted on a large scale.

Watch the clip to see how a driverless car can be driven.

Lindsay Lohan avoids jail despite flunking alcohol test

According to Judge Stephanie Sautner, her colleague Eldon Fox ordered Lohan to submit to drug testing from January 3 to February 25 2011. Fox, however, had never mentioned alcohol.

According to TMZ, Sautner has determined that Lohan didn’t violate the conditions of her probation by drinking period. Therefore, she won’t go to prison.

The actress missed the test on June 13, after holding a BBQ at home with friends.

Last month, Lohan was sentenced to four months in prison following the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California in April. Because of the state prisons are overcrowded and since she isn’t seen as a violent criminal, she is serving her sentence at home.

Lohan will continue to be under house arrest following the jewelry theft. Judge Sautner, however, limited the number of visitors she can receive at home by the end of her sentence: one friend at a time in addition to family members. Lohan also doesn’t have the right to organize house parties.

According to the magistrate, the only thing Lohan was guilty of is showing “extremely poor judgment.”

Lohan is no longer required to undergo testing for drugs or alcohol because no court order allows such procedures at present.

Daniel Craig secretly marries Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig’s rep confirmed the news that the actor tied the knot with Rachel Weisz in New York last Wednesday, reports Daily Mail.

The two British stars have been a couple since November of 2010, when they met on the set of the thriller “Dream House”. Ironically, they interpret the roles of husband and wife.

As she had recently separated from director Darren Aronofsky, with whom she has a child, Rachel Weisz initially denied that the reason for the dissolution of her 9-year was a passionate affair that she lived in the arms of Daniel Craig.

However, around the Christmas holidays, the pair was spotted by paparazzi in rural Dorset, walking hand in hand, taking photos and having lunch in a pub.

The wedding ceremony chosen by the two Hollywood stars was intimate and discreet and took place in the house of a mutual friend in New York. The only people present at the event were two friends, Craig’s daughter Ella, 18, and Weisz’s son Henry, 4.

In 2001, Rachel Weisz experienced a brief romance with director Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet’s ex-husband, while Daniel Craig was married between 1992 and 1994 to Fiona Loudon and was previously involved in relationships with German actress Heike Makatsch and producer Satsuki Mitchell.

Michelle Obama plays football, does crunches and pushups

Michelle Obama visited several countries in South Africa where she promoted a campaign for the importance of exercise and education to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS, CNN.

The U.S. first lady gave an example of exercise, playing football and doing a few crunches and pushups with Nobel Peace laureate, Desmond Tutu.

Watch the video to see Michelle in action.