Keira Knightley simply stunning in Flaunt magazine pictorial

Keira Knightley currently stars in the film Last Night in which the subject revolves around infidelity.

This role led her to wonder about the subject. In the film Keira is a bride who sees her marriage challenged by a night of temptation.

Keira is not the type to only play a role, she wants to understand the motivations of the character she portrays, which pushes her to philosophize about fidelity.

“What I loved about Last Night was that if you’re an adult,” says Keira, who stars alongside Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet in the movie. “You recognize at least one of these situations, if not all four of them. And what I loved about the piece as a whole is it didn’t impose its morality, its judgment on any of the people. It kind of requires you the audience to make up your own mind, to put your own life into the piece. I think that that’s actually quite rare with film, as you’re told exactly what to think about everyone that’s in it. This is nice because it’s kind of free and open. It will change depending on what sort of life experience you’ve had and where your morality lies.”

In the interview, Keira also talks about her love for the theater.

“I suppose I like the romance of it, because you never see the same play twice. There’s something extraordinary about something that’s lost—that you will only ever see it for that night and that night only. You’ll never see it again, and it’s not recorded, and so it’s kind of magic,” she tells the mag.

The British actress also shares her ideas about how to face criticism as a celebrity.

“I think you do have to try and get a thick skin,” Knightley explains. “And sometimes, the skin goes incredibly thin and everything gets in, and everything hurts, and other times, you’re able to turn around and laugh at it and go, ‘You know what? It’s all fine. It’s all good. It’s cool. It sort of depends on what day of the week it is. ”

The article features Keira in a simply beautiful pictorial, photographed in the historic AbneyPark Cemetery.

Photos: Flaunt Magazine