Rihanna’s new video features rape and killing her abuser

At the beginning of the video, Rihanna chases the man and shoots him in the back, in a train station, then looks at his corpse.

The video, shot in Kingston, Jamaica, then goes back to what happened a day before the incident. Rihanna is riding a bicycle, talking with friends and dancing in a club. Later, however, the star is struggling with a man who seems to rape her.

Rihanna said she had always wanted to shoot a video in Jamaica, and the song Man Down couldn’t have a video filmed elsewhere.

The star, who was a victim of domestic violence herself, posted a message on Twitter about the significance of the video.

“Its #Gritty #GULLY #Emotional #JAMRock Very strong underlying message 4 girls like me! #listentoyomama,” she wrote.

Rihanna’s previous video for the song S & M has sparked much controversy and was banned in several countries because it contains scenes inspired by sado-masochistic and fetishistic techniques that are too shocking.