Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter sentenced for infant manslaughter

The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton, Amanda Brumfield, has been convicted of manslaughter in a court in Florida, following the death of her best friend’s baby. However, she was acquitted of first degree murder.

Brumfield was babysitting little Madison Olivia Garcia in October 2008 when the child died. The woman claimed that the death was accidental and that the baby had fallen from a playpen and died from the injuries in her head.

Prosecutors have determined that this version of events couldn’t explain the fracture of three and a half inches in Olivia’s skull and the swelling and bleeding in the brain of the child.

Brumfield, 32, will be sentenced in July. Her trial took place in the same room where the Casey Anthony, the Florida woman accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee, is judged.