Ronan Parke vs. Justin Bieber

Parke Ronan is just 12 years old but very talented. On the show Britain’s Got Talent he was able to convince the judges that he is worthy of a final and perhaps even of winning the grand prize.


He has all the chances to become the next Bieber, maybe even do better than him (if that’s possible).

Listening to his amazing voice, you realize that Ronan has potential. The kid is handsome, charismatic, talented and he even has Justin Bieber’s haircut.

The Biebs is all that too, but he doesn’t need any introduction.

So, Ronan is only 12 and a life ahead to prove what he can do. Justin Bieber is 17 and he so far he’s done in a few years what others never achieve in a lifetime.


The question is who is better: Ronan or Justin? Of course, we’re talking about singing skills because they both score very well as far as the looks are concerned.

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