Caffeine pants, a new tool that promises to help lose some inches

The leggings re called Lytess and they are sold online by several retailers. The company’s website claims that these pants have an infusion of caffeine and shea butter, substances that help reduce fats. According to the producing team, the pants will remove up to 2.1 inches from the hips and 1.2 inches from the thighs.

The results will be visible after 18 days of wearing the tights, a product that costs between $50 and $70.

Although the company claims that the results will be seen after 18 days, their estimates of inches lost were obtained on eight hours of daily use, six days a week for 21 days.

Even if the site claims that 2.1 inches will drop from the hips, the company says that an average decrease of 0.2 mm was visible in 21 days. In addition, Lytess has clarified that this product doesn’t help weight loss, but only reducing the size.

Although there are suggestions that caffeine can help reduce weight, no scientific studies have confirmed this fact. Also, the amount of caffeine absorbed from these tights would be so small that it couldn’t affect the metabolism too much.

Physical exercise and being careful about what you eat can be more effective in weight loss and will help prevent its recurrence.