Manchester United star Ryan Giggs had an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife

The News Of The World claimed that Ryan Giggs spent the night with estate agent Natasha last month on April 9.

Giggs would see Natasha, 28, an estate agent, even when his wife Stacey was pregnant.

The 37-year-old player first met Natasha in 2003, when she was single.

“I knew it was wrong. It’s the worst possible betrayal. I tried to end it but my relationship with Ryan was like an addiction. Anything he said, I did, I couldn’t say no,” Natasha told a friend.

According to the source, Natasha claims Ryan Giggs never told her that he loved her: “Ryan was never romantic with me. It was all about sex.”

Reports also say that Giggs met Natasha in a club in Manchester eight years ago when she was 20. She had just separated from the father of her first child and Giggs was engaged to Stacey.

In May 2003, Natasha began dating Ryan’s brother, Rhodri, and the footballer stopped contacting her. But the two still met at a New Year party, when Ryan told Stacey that he didn’t know Natasha. Even though they didn’t see each other for about a year, Natasha’s friends claim that Ryan contacted her in 2004.

Meanwhile, in 2005, Rhodri proposed to Natasha and Ryan was to be best man. Natasha became pregnant that year, but sources claim that she slept with Ryan during a charity golf tournament in June 2006.

Natasha and Rhodri’s son was born in August 2006, while Stacey gave birth to Zach, Ryan’s second child, two months later. Although the first rumors of the affair between Natasha and Ryan appeared in 2008, Natasha and Rhodri married in 2010, with Will Mellor replacing Ryan as best man.

The accusations against Giggs come a month after the press wrote that he had a six-month affair with Imogen Thomas, former Miss Wales.