Paris Hilton’s TV comeback gets low ratings

Paris Hilton was a guest of the famous talk show host Barbara Walters on The View. The starlet was reportedly so angry at the “tough” questions that Walters asked her on Wednesday that she yelled at one of the producers backstage.

Paris and her mother, Kathy, wanted to promote the new reality show, called “The World According to Paris,” where the public can see Paris partying, drinking and shopping. Barbara Walters criticized Hilton for having complained in the first episode about the 200 hours of community service that she had to do.

Walters also put into question claims that the starlet wanted to do charity work and would be sincerely interested in helping women in prison as none of these two aspects is shown on the show.

“Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?” Walters asked.

In addition, the first episode of her new reality show had an audience of 400,000 viewers, about 300,000 less than the first episode of a reality show on the less well known singer Aubrey O’Day.

After the interview, Paris Hilton and her father Rick shouted at the producers, angry at the tone of the interview.

After a few hours, Paris Hilton canceled an interview and appointments with several magazine editors, claiming she was sick, had lost her voice and didn’t want to infect others. On Thursday, Paris took the plane and went to Spain.