Russell Crowe calls circumcision “barbaric and stupid” on Twitter

Russell Crowe has launched a debate about circumcision on Twitter, saying he objected to this practice.

The debate started when a fan asked a question to Crowe about the circumcision of babies.

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that God requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect,” he replied. I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats, but stop cutting your babies.”

“I will always stand for the perfection of babies. I will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires,” Crowe added.

In order to avoid criticism, Crowe added on Friday morning: “I have a deep and abiding love for all people of all nationalities. I’m very sorry that I have said things on here that have caused distress. My personal beliefs aside I realize that some will interpret this debate as me mocking the rituals and traditions of others. I am very sorry.”