Volvo is working on an animal detection system

After the success of the pedestrian detection system, Volvo is focusing on a similar technology, but aimed at the protection of animals. The system is another confirmation of the Swedish manufacturer’s efforts to carry out an ambitious plan: a future without accidents, thanks to safety systems.

Using the same principle of operation of the system Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto Brake, the system detects the presence of animals on the road and automatically reduces the speed if the driver’s reaction is too slow. The sensors first warn the driver by a sound signal and if he doesn’t react, the brakes are applied.

The purpose of this technology is to function even when the car is driven at high speed in rural areas. In situations where the accident can’t be completely avoided, the system can slow down the car enough to reduce the force of the impact.

The main concern of the engineers is to make the system recognize the animals. For that reason, a team of researchers spent an entire night at a safari park where they filmed more animals and their behavior. Particular attention was paid to moose, deer and reindeer.

Volvo predicts that once the project is completed, the progress will be applied to the Pedestrian Detection system as well in order to improve its detection at night.