Electric cars to be powered by liquid fuel soon

Photo: Dominick Reuter

This technology is in the research phase, but it seems that it is cost-effectively and it’s likely to be brought on the market. It could revolutionize the way we store and carry energy and it could soon accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels and especially oil.

The key to this new technology is that metals in a conventional battery, which are normally solid, were transformed into nanoparticles suspended in a liquid.

The batteries, known as “semi-solid flow cells” store energy in a sticky black substance, which looks like motor oil. The storage of the charge in this liquid allows the charging of an electrical power to be done just like fueling up at a conventional gas pump.

This could eliminate one of the key issues of electrical cars, namely, that energy transfer takes significantly more time than filling a car up with gasoline.

Also, batteries of electric cars produce less power compared to the weight, unlike gasoline. The innovation electric battery allows the fluid battery to produce two times more energy than the conventional lithium-ion batteries, which means that car manufacturers could get twice as much energy from a battery of the same weight, or may produce a vehicle easier. In addition, the batteries could be constructed at lower cost which means they could be used in electricity networks.