Lily Allen’s double joy: the singer is married and pregnant

Allen and Cooper tied the knot near their home in the countryside, in an intimate ceremony, with more than 100 guests. Security was present at the event and two streets and several alleys in the neighborhood were closed. But the newlyweds still stopped outside the church for fans who wanted to take pictures.

During his toast at the reception, Cooper announced that Lily Allen is 16 weeks pregnant. It seems that the pregnancy was visible.

The news was subsequently confirmed by Delphine Manivet, the designer of the wedding dress.

The bride wore a dress with long lace sleeves and a fishtail skirt and carried a bouquet of white roses. She was given away by her father, actor Keith Allen. Among the wedding guests were actor Harry Enfield, TV star Angus Deayton, Allen’s brother Alfie, who is an actor, and her stepsister Sarah Owen.

Lily Allen, 26, lost two pregnancies: in 2008, during her relationship with Ed Simons from Chemical Brothers, and last November, when she was six months pregnant with a boy.

The singer recently spoke about the desire to start a family and live a quiet life in the country with her partner Sam Cooper, a decorator and business owner, whom she has been in a relationship with since 2009.

In an episode of the TV miniseries “Lily Allen: Rags to Riches”, she confessed that she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for a long time and that she would like to become a housewife.

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper were engaged on Christmas day, last year in Bali.