Mark Zuckerberg engaged to girlfriend Priscilla Chan?

It was during an interview with the Daily Mail that former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates slipped that information still unconfirmed.

In the interview, referring to Zuckerberg’s philanthropic efforts, Gates said: “I didn’t say to Mark, ‘Give me all your money!’ He was predisposed to do it and he came to me seeking advice. His fiancée Priscilla thought about education and he gave money to Newark, New Jersey.”

That was enough to drive media insane and to make them learn more about this relationship.

Mark and Priscilla Chan have been together for some time now. Their relationship began in 2003 when they were students at Harvard. Also, it took some time before Mark mentioned on his Facebook page that he was in a relationship with Chan.

Last month the couple moved in a home in Palo Alto, Calif. For which Zuckerberg took $ 7 million out of his pocket.