Denise Richards to talk about “beautiful love story” with Charlie Sheen in her autobiography

In this autobiography, the actress will discuss the path her life had taken after Charlie Sheen left her life.

In addition, Denise, 40, prefers to speak about the good sides of her marriage to Charlie Sheen and doesn’t want to disclose sordid details.

“I get into the good stuff about my marriage because people have only gotten the rotten stuff,” Richards told Us Weekly. “There was a beautiful love story between he and I and I know that it went the way it went, but I talk more about how I felt during that time because I feel like a lot of women can relate to that.”

The reason why she concentrated on that chapter of her life is that she wanted to share it with women who are divorced and have to assume the role of a single parent.

“I talk about how [co-parenting] is a struggle and we had one of the worst divorces so if we get into a good place, that’s great,” Richards said.

Her autobiography will be released next July 26.