Rebecca Black withdraws “Friday” from YouTube

167 million views since the launch of the clip “Friday” by 13-year-old Rebecca Black. The song was quickly transformed into a global buzz after it went online in March.

Now the video has been removed from the platform because of a disagreement with the label.

Ark Music label, which represents the starlet, hasn’t given any details. But Black’s rep reportedly said: “We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the ‘Friday’ video.”

Apparently, the label has chosen to charge the video to Internet users: they would have had to pay the sum of $ 2.99 to see the famous clip. However, Rebecca’s mother had originally paid the label to produce a song and a clip for her daughter.

Of course, the video is still available on the web, at least for now, but not on YouTube.