Estella Warren enters rehab to prove she isn’t drinking

On May 24, the blonde actress was arrested for hitting three vehicles, battery on a police officer and resisting an officer. The Planet of the Apes star was then taken to the station for explanations and after paying the $ 100,000 bail, she could return home.

However, for all this Estella might risk no less than six months in jail.

Today, she has decided to enter rehab for ten days.

“She wants to prove she isn’t drinking,” her attorney Darren Kavinoky said on Friday. “She’s committed to making the situation right and moving on in a way that’s appropriate,” reports People.

The program includes wearing a bracelet that can detect any trace of alcohol in her blood. The purpose of the act? To show that she is a clean and responsible girl.

“This scenario can be the catalyst for significant change,” Kavinoky says. “Estella’s attitude towards this whole thing is awesome. She’s more than accepting. She’s embracing the personal opportunities that have come from this.”