Michael Douglas wins lawsuit against ex-wife over money from “Wall Street 2”

On Thursday, a judge at a court in Manhattan decided to reject the request to reopen the lawsuit submitted by Diandra Douglas in New York in order to obtain 50% of the money that her ex-husband received from the “Wall Street” sequel, arguing that only courts in California – where their divorce was pronounced in 2000 – can decide on the financial dispute.

The same decision was taken by the judge in November 2010, but Diandra Douglas asked for a review of the case.

In August 2010, Diandra Douglas asked in court for half of his earnings from the movie.

Lawyers for Douglas, who at that time was diagnosed with throat cancer, said then that Diandra was entitled to request only half of the money received by Michael Douglas from the original 1987 film and for his roles in other films in which he starred before they divorced in 1995.

Diandra Douglas has announced she will appeal to a higher court. Michael Douglas’ lawyer, Marilyn Chinitz, said that he hoped the decision taken on Thursday will be the last in this case.

According to the agreement signed after the divorce, Diandra Douglas is entitled to receive some proceeds from the sequels of film projects on which the actor has collaborated during their marriage. Diandra says that this includes the sequel to “Wall Street”, directed by Oliver Stone, which grossed over $ 100 million since it was released in September 2010.

However, lawyers say that the actor hadn’t started working on the sequel when they separated and mention that she doesn’t hold copyright on the Gordon Gekko character.

Diandra Douglas has already received, after the divorce, over $ 6.3 million and some earning from sales of DVDs of movies starring her former husband.

Michael Douglas, 66, and Diandra divorced in 2000 after a marriage that lasted 23 years. The two have a 23-year-old son, Cameron. Michael Douglas married Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2002, with whom he has two children.

This year in January, Michael Douglas revealed in a televised interview that he was cured of his throat cancer. The actor said that he still has to take tests every month to make sure that the healing is complete.