Pippa Middleton – why do we all love her?


The young 27-year-old caused a sensation during the wedding, becoming overnight the desired lady in the UK and the world.

The sexy white dress she wore on the occasion helped to highlight her every move. Surely her outfit sparked the idea of organizing a fan club for her posterior: Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.


Although active in British social circles for years, Pippa never received much attention from the press. Things changed radically after the wedding of her sister Kate with Prince William, the heir to the British throne: fans devoted entire blog posts, Twitter pages, even a fan club for her butt.

What is it that made Pippa so attractive to the public?

Is it that everyone expects Pippa to be the rebel of the family, just like Prince Harry?

At one point, there were fans who would have loved to see the two of them get together and made up a Facebook page titled “Pippa Middleton is single- Prince Harry likes this,” which became popular on the net. Those who pressed “Like” on Facebook are about 125,500 people.


Just like Prince Harry is one of the most eligible bachelors in Britain, so has Pippa turned overnight into one of the most desirable single celebrities.

Recently, rumors appeared saying that Pippa and Harry are secretly enjoying a romance.

Not long ago, it was reported that Pippa separated from boyfriend Alex Loudon, which happened in the same period that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy’s breakup was announced. Hence, the rumors about a possible relationship between the two.

On the other hand, the press has also noted that Pippa was spotted in the company of her ex-boyfriend George Percy last month in Madrid.

The conclusion? “Birth of a star,” not one who became famous through her talent and hard work, but a “star” built by the media. This doesn’t mean we’re discrediting Pippa in any way: the media describes her as a business woman, her sphere of interest being that of event planning. Unfortunately, that’s not what made her famous, it was Prince William and Kate’s wedding that help her get in the spotlight.

What do you think started this obsession with Pippa Middleton? What made her a “star”? A need for spicy headlines? An interest in her sexiness? Why can’t we keep our eyes off her?

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