Amy Winehouse: “too drunk to sing” at concert in Serbian capital?!

The British singer appeared shaky and confused on stage, looking as if she was drunk, vaguely muttering songs on the first of her four concerts in the Serbian capital.

About 20,000 people had paid £35 ($ 56) a ticket to attend the concert in a country where the average wage is about £274 ($ 505) per month.

Amy Winehouse, who has been having problems with drugs and alcohol for several years, took the stage nearly an hour late, stumbling and apparently unable to remember the words of her songs.

The Rehab singer dropped the microphone and disappeared off stage several times during the concert, leaving her band playing alone.

In the audience, many preferred to leave before the end of the concert. Fans called the show a “scandal” and a “disaster”.

Amy Winehouse has recently checked into rehab in London. Her album “Back To Black” released in 2006 earned her five Grammy Awards, but her career has been heckled by problems with alcohol, drugs and trouble with the law.