AC/DC is an inspiration for Monopoly

Called “Collector’s Edition Monopoly”, the new version will be based on the same concept behind the launch of other versions of the game Monopoly that was inspired by the history of American bands Metallica and Kiss.

The pawns and the challenges that the players will face will be based on various aspects of the history of the Australian band.

The new international game contains many places and gives users the option to buy, sell and change the band’s albums. Players can improve their properties through the Australian band’s albums.

Pawns in the game take the form of guns – inspired by the song ” For Those About To Rock”, packages of dynamite – inspired by the song “TNT”, of bells – inspired by the song “Hells Bells”, of lightning-shaped arrow – inspired by the song “Thunderstruck”, famous hats worn by guitarist Angus Young – from the video for “School Days” and packages of money – inspired by the song “Money Talks”.

Earlier this month, the members of Metallica announced that they will launch their own version of the game called “Monopoly Collector’s Edition Metallica.” The game can be purchased only online on the band’s official site.