La Toya Jackson claims Michael Jackson feared he was going to be killed

La Toya insisted that MJ had told her he was afraid of being murdered due to his multi-million dollar music publishing catalogue.

“He told me exactly who he was referring to, he was terrified, he had this catalogue that they wanted,” she said. “You have to remember this catalogue was more than 750,000 songs.”

“He was very afraid and said it was just a matter of time. He knew it was going to happen but when he first told me I was like “Come on Michael that cannot be true,”” She said.

La Toya revealed that her brother had to go ahead with his This Is It world tour even though he feared his life.

She also added that she believes more investigation should be done into Jackson’s death.

“I believe Dr Conrad Murray was definitely the fall guy and they need to investigate it a bit more and go deeper into it.”

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