Ryan Dunn’s tragic death predicted by Bam Margera and his parents in 2003

Ryan Dunn, the actor from Jackass series who died earlier this week after he capsized with his Porsche while driving at over 200 kilometres per hour on a road near Philadelphia, was considered a very bad driver by his friends and family.

In the movie Viva La Bam, produced in 2003, Bam Margera, his co-star in the Jackass series, and Dunn’s parents Phil and April, talked about Dunn’s awful way of driving, assuming that he was going to die in a car accident.

When filming Viva La Bam, Ryan Dunn had just flipped with a car, a subject dissected by Bam Margera and his parents in an interesting discussion.

According to official police report, Ryan Dunn drove at a speed of at least 210 km / h in his Porsche 911 GT3 which flipped and caught fire immediately after the accident.

According to the law enforcement, Dunn had a blood alcohol concentration of twice the legal limit.