Lindsay Lohan avoids jail despite flunking alcohol test

According to Judge Stephanie Sautner, her colleague Eldon Fox ordered Lohan to submit to drug testing from January 3 to February 25 2011. Fox, however, had never mentioned alcohol.

According to TMZ, Sautner has determined that Lohan didn’t violate the conditions of her probation by drinking period. Therefore, she won’t go to prison.

The actress missed the test on June 13, after holding a BBQ at home with friends.

Last month, Lohan was sentenced to four months in prison following the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California in April. Because of the state prisons are overcrowded and since she isn’t seen as a violent criminal, she is serving her sentence at home.

Lohan will continue to be under house arrest following the jewelry theft. Judge Sautner, however, limited the number of visitors she can receive at home by the end of her sentence: one friend at a time in addition to family members. Lohan also doesn’t have the right to organize house parties.

According to the magistrate, the only thing Lohan was guilty of is showing “extremely poor judgment.”

Lohan is no longer required to undergo testing for drugs or alcohol because no court order allows such procedures at present.