Charlene Wittstock rumored to cancel the wedding, the Palace denies allegations


“A few days before the marriage of HRH Prince Albert to Miss Charlene Wittstock, the palace officially denies the false allegations that have emerged this morning (Tuesday) on the site,” the palace indicates in a statement.

The site of the respective publication writes that Prince Albert’s fiancée, who is of South African origin, “wanted to cancel the wedding preparations and leave” the country for reasons related to the prince, but without explaining them.

“These rumors are only intended to seriously affect the image of the Sovereign and that of Miss Wittstock, and to gravely harm this happy event,” the palace adds in the statement.

The principality of Monaco, decorated in local and South African colors promises its citizens a great popular festival in early July, at the wedding of Prince Albert II and his fiancée Charlene. VIPs and royalty are expected at the ceremonies that will be last for over two days (1 and 2 July).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will also be present, according to sources, but so far no decision has been taken regarding the presence of his pregnant wife Carla Bruni. Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine won’t attend the event because at that time they will be on an official visit to Canada.