Princess Diana and Kate Middleton together on the cover of Newsweek

According to the publication, Diana would have had her own Facebook account and her list of 107,623 friends would include Camilla Parker-Bowles, Price Charles’ wife today, Bono, Chelsea Clinton, David Beckham, Rowling and tennis player Rafael Nadal. That and another 10 million followers on Twitter.

Her relationship status? The journalists at Newsweek believe she would have chosen to say “it’s complicated.”

These facts were imagined by British journalist Tina Brown, editor of the magazine and will appear in the edition before 1 July, which would have been Diana’s 50th birthday. The article is titled “Diana at 50” and it will be published on the cover of the magazine.

Newsweek used a fake photo showing Princess Diana and Kate Middleton looking like they’re enjoying a nice stroll together.

Brown imagined that Diana would live in New York and would have married twice, after breaking up with Dodi Fayed, her lover who was with her when they died in car accident in August 2007.

The articles also speculates that the princess would maintain good relations with her former husband, Prince Charles, and that she would have been friends with Carole Middleton, Prince William’s mother-in-law.

Brown also says that Diana would have loved Kate Middleton, but would have felt threatened by her.

[Photo: Newsweek]