Paris Hilton stalker busted outside her home

According to TMZ, on July 4, James Rainford was arrested by the police.

This fan is not at his first acts of harassment against the blonde heiress as he previously said that he loves Paris and intends to marry her.

From the balcony, Hilton watched as Rainford was arrested on the beach. A witness saw him looking into the young woman’s house and recognized him after seeing his face in the media.

Since 2010, the man became more and more insistent. Last April, Rainford assaulted Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Cy Waits outside court. In October 2010, he was arrested for breaking into her residence after having sent several explicit text messages in October 2010.

The Sheriff’s Department said that Rainford was arrested for violating a court order that forbade him to approach Paris at a minimum distance of 200 yards.